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Wednesday, March 6, 2002
Last friday i bought a T68. On monday a Communicam was added. Today i found this.

Ericsson P800

"We're a free-trading nation, and in order to remain a free-trading nation, we must enforce law," he said. "And that's exactly what I did. I decided that imports were severely affecting our industry, an important industry, in a negative impact, and, therefore, provide temporary relief so that the industry could restructure itself." Well, he got something wrong. Minor short-term benefits for a dying industry, outweighed by arguments mentioned in the article (facility drain etc.). Major disadvantage for more efficient structures, especially in developing countries. Additionally, it will be challenged to death in the WTO. In an economical, social and moral view the cons are clearly stronger than the pros. Bend markets and globalization surely will fail. Think the democrats are better?

"Democrats today blamed Mr. Bush for doing too little, rather than too much. "Last week the steel companies and the steel worker unions agreed that 40 percent was the minimum average tariff needed to stabilize the industry," Richard A. Gephardt, the Democratic leader, said in a statement today. He said he was "disappointed" that the tariffs average less than 30 percent."
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  Comment by Adi, 6592 days ago:
last week bought me tons a cool stuff. have now shiny mobile, can speak with me friend dangerous dave all night long. also have rockin camera. make pics from cool places and me. can send now to me homies! makes me lucky.... aaaiiiiiiiigh!
  Comment by Bruno, 6588 days ago:

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