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6594 days ago
"After their last release - the CD EP "Tranquilo" - I knew that the next release will be quite interesting. Tranquilo already sounded very radio compatible but it still was a true Fischmob song ... a bit of history. The band comes from a kinda homerecording background. They are more or less the only band from a genre that doesn't mean much to me 'caus it is predestinated to be very fashion poisened in our time - Rap/Hip Hop/Groove/Sample etc. Basicly I'm very much into these styles 'caus you can do wonderful new things here. But what I get from the official media concerning this sound is absolutely ridiculous. This style comes from a background where basicly the people really wanted to say something - truth of today's streets in rythm and words. But to see that on MTV etc is really ridiculous. That's like a real anachist in the german Parliament .. can't work. However Fischmob was completely different. It was wonderful to see how they managed to take the sound in a serious way but not taking themselves too serious - and the way they are able to create obscure constructions with the german langugage is absolutely unique and extraordinaire! So yes you can say that I became a Fischmob fan. I listen to absolutely any style if the musician is able to create something own and unique.

Ok - arrives the new Fischmob CD "Power" ... and oups I was right, this CD starts with the first ever completely boring, 100% radio compatible, mediocre Fischmob song, "Susanne zur Freiheit", presented by Fischmob Allstars .. with big fat soul grooves, girl-"gospel" choir, horn section ... the lyrics lost all they once had .. oh yeah not to forget two members of the "Fantastischen Vier" are guest musicians and exactly like from that scene sounds the whole song. Oh no please don't ... The rest of the CD then is true Fischmob, they now call their style Allroundstyle, which fits to what you get on the CD. From acoustic guitar based nonsense Folk to sampled groove to grunge guitar driven to sound experiment to Rap Hop etc etc etc ... brilliant fun mixture with own identity. So that is cool - damned cool."

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