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Friday, June 1, 2001
Very nice comparison of two metaphysical disciplines: The theologean about the philosopher: Philosophy is like sitting in an absolutly dark room, being blindfolded and searching a black cat which does not exist. Philosopher about theology: Theology is like sitting in an absolutly dark room, being blindfolded, searching a black cat which does not exist and screaming 'Hey, i got it!'. Nice bonmot found in Die Zeit. They also feature different recent opinions on bioethics, an issue the broad german public is finally picking up.

If Hannes Wallnöfer isn't busy accumulating a fortune as imode-handset-dummy dealer, he's comparing faces he's seeing in the streets with those i-mode pictures of the most sought after aum-assassins (Hirata is a tall person), using the integrated 110 emergency link to annoy the police. Basically, he's in Tokyo.

The Soundstation always makes me feel better. Reason for that: ladyvipb's "Stories Of A Broken Heart And Recovering" (nuphonic records, click here to listen). Chateau Flight's new album 'Puzzle' (Versatile records) definitly keeps what the EP promised. 'Rituel' is one of the best tracks i heard recently (click here to listen). Finally i also got the re-release of the Dubtribe Sound System single 'If You're Not Coming Back To Me', as well as Freedom Satellite's 'Soul Samba' maxi and a nice Raw Deal remix of the Xaver Fisher Trio track 'Follow Me'. Last week Matthew Herberts new album Bodily Functions arrived, and The Audience ( All percussion up to 4' 12" taken from the random contents of dani's bag on the day of composition...) keeps getting better every time. All together puts me in a really nice mood...

beyond [scalability] the ability to grow networks to infinite size. beyond [availability] a remarkable new architecture that brings voice-grade reliability to service providers' datacom networks for the first time. beyond [new economics] breakthrough cost savings and revenue generation abilities that are key to making networks profitable again.
Nearly too much of a hype, but definitly a company to watch: Caspian Networks and their new approach on routing.

Just found on Matthew Herberts Site: RIEKO AKATSUKA Rieko Akatsuka is a Japanese artist at Goldsmiths College, London. Choosing to work with computer hardware, she has constructed a city out of motherboards and computer parts. The work deals with our preoccupation and reliance on computer technology and its impact on urban and social structures: the city as black-box. High-speed information transmission and the disappearance of local time and physical space. One of the motherboards is a fully-functioning computer, the monitor displaying the manipulated images seen here. Computer city. Computer control. View some of the work.

WE WISH TO INFORM YOU THAT TOMORROW WE WILL BE KILLED ALONG WITH OUR FAMILIES. Book by Philip Gourevitch (read chapter one on the NYTimes' Booksite).
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hi you vanilla co-user ;) just wanted to congratulate you for the nice design.
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Hi Bruno!
A new member of the vanilleans is alive!
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Hi guys, thank you and the other vanilleans for giving me such a good in the past and the future!
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