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Thursday, August 29, 2002
Browsing DVDs and rediscovering some pearls:
  • Bert Stern, Jazz On A Summers Day: "Still photographer Stern sidesteps more formal documentary conventions such as narrative voiceovers to wander purposefully from festival stage to boarding-house jam sessions, taking in the parallel color and motion of the America's Cup preparations when he isn't capturing rich color footage of the performances and the celebratory mood of the concertgoers." B&N, Amazon.
  • Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense. Brilliant, just to see how David Byrne smacks his head and shivers while singing same as it ever was. Amazon.
  • The Hudsucker Proxy, my favourite Coen brothers movie, settings like they were planned for 8 years and took 12 years until they were perfect. Finical and brilliant. Amazon
My provider is annoying me right now, massively.
3 comments yet by zpy, Bruno.
  Comment by zpy, 6391 days ago:
David Byrne IS brilliant. I have added him to my list of really cool canadians . . . even if he is perhaps more scottish and more american than canadian . . . he is still deserving of some placement on the list.

After reading the reviews, I have added "Jazz on a Summer's Day" to the list of things I should buy . . . ahead of that belle and sebastien CD I've been meaning to pick up and way ahead of Francis Fukuyama's latest monologue on the virtues of democracy.

And as for the Coen brothers . . . well, they don't sound like the most efficient folks . . . but if it looks good, perhaps Hudsucker may fall on the list of movies I should rent . . .

As for your provider -- I'll just put them on the list of evil, satanic, inept, incompetent idiots . . . sadly, that's the longest list of all. : )
  Comment by Bruno, 6388 days ago:
Hudsucker is definitly worth the rent, ok, then again it's just pure subjectivism.

Thanks for mentioning Francis Fukuyama, made me pretty curious, and will keep me up for some late hours.

The provider is still rushing up the list, getting closer to the top ten. It's, from my current and very impaired perspective, right next to Jospeh McCarthy now...
  Comment by zpy, 6387 days ago:
Although "the end of history" (Fukuyama) was well-written, thought-provoking . . . and included more than a few smiley bits . . . I recall it being a bit of a struggle to get through. I haven't read his latest, however it is still on the list. I would suggest you read "the end of history and the last man" first.
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