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Monday, September 23, 2002
Sorry, there was and is a good reason not to write. I'm lost and satisfied.

And then you notice that the excuses that worked fine for years don't work anymore. That there is no one more fascinating, attractive and mysterious. She got you. Without notice and a chance to escape. Bright light and absolute darkness. You try to gain distance and DCTP hits you with Pandora. Isolde. Elisabeth von Thueringen. Carmen. Mata Hari. Evita. You don't reach her for days and then she appears in front of your door at 2 am with a look on her face that's impossible to describe. You try to get closer and she escapes. You try to escape and she comes closer. Fuck Niklas Luhmann. I hate you. I love you.

Meanwhile in popular media, value-free and arguable that is, surface not substance: After spending years of preferring obscure Kompakt things and trying to define existence at strange court yard cellar parties i now start to tend back to fly girls and nice beats: Dr. Dre's Truth Hurts (via malorama), The Neptunes (It's getting hot in here...); Irv Gotti (Ja Rule, Ashanti). The woman in this margarine commercial is incredible (Boom, stuck again in the previous paragraph, same glance, different colour, just that she wouldn't leave them for no reason, but because she likes to, not because of butter, whatever...). The new Real ONE Player is the best Windows video player around, for .mov's, dvd's and all the rest.

The best thing about the TV coverage of Germany's election was Josef Joffe on CNN, seeming like Lodown's Jeremy Klutz. At the studio. At the SPD headquarter. At the CDU headquarter. On a hallway. He also did a decent show at Die Zeit Matinée with Harald Schmidt (via euroranch, listen or download here, in german. ...I'll cancel your subscription ... no matter how tiny it is...). The new Lodown site is definitely worth a visit, especially the fashion section (Doggystyle, Wrestling, Mulholland Drive...), Ambush and FM.

What was amusing, very: Peter Praschl's Hornby Serbs and via and Ramzi Feiss. Also: Im Sumpf, wir sind zwei arme Pestaerzte...

Working with the CCC and BMW on the new Blinkenlights project was wicked. But still looking for someone who grasps, supports and finances this. Persil Liquid vielleicht.
5 comments yet by Don Bosse, Bruno, zpy, dsj, judge reini.
  Comment by [create Don Bosse], 6367 days ago:
About your question from yesterday night: Is there a place where woman are... are... hhmmm... hard to explain what you asked - still not sure if I got you completely...
Think you thought about a place where woman are like "men"?? ;-}
no - you thought about a place where they can do what they want and are "satisfied" by the care of others...? Funny, but serious question.
It's defenitly not the kitchen - is it? Or the cosmetic studio? Noo. Perhaps her best friend. Woman take care of friendships a lot more... I often wondered about how they behave with each other.

Oh fuck! I get a bad headache.

We should have wizards and wise people in our epoche - I could have asked them now.

But we don't have.

I'am sad about that.
Going back to my box now.
A hug for your girl...
  Comment by Bruno, 6364 days ago:
The question about places was something completely different.
What allies and parts us is still abstracted from places.

We have, and loads are still here.

Don't be sad honey. Thanks.
  Comment by zpy, 6353 days ago:
Women are satisfied when they are self-sufficient, respected, admired, needed, valued and loved.

Place is irrelevant. The same cannot be said of contact.

A hug for Bruno.
  Comment by [create dsj], 6351 days ago:
  Comment by judge reini, 6340 days ago:
thanx bruno,

although i guess it wasn't your attention to help me out ;-). but as i was interested whos thoughts make you loving and hating him the same time i came to the work of niklas luhmann. and his "social systems" is exactly the missing theory which i need as a back up to go over from chapter 4 to chapter 5 in my master's thesis. so finally i can work on ....
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