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Friday, July 13, 2001
Viennas Kuenstlerhaus: global tools. Great exhibition, to be open until September. Featuring (amongst other interesting things) an impressive Philips project: Living memory, wherein the highlight was the Café Table with its great, round touchscreen, as well as the Token bowl in the middle (Tokens are an inforation storage medium which works with a wireless transmission compareable to Bluetooth). Place the token in the bowl, the content appears on the screen right next to it, you can drag the information around, scratch something new, delete, upload etc.. Nice sensitive experience.

Also from Philips, pointed out by the Austrian and Swiss CEO Paul Starrenburg in his lecture: There will be a new category of medical systems (Philips is a world leader in this field) that are handy and personal. Small and, buzzwod alert, ubiquitous gadgets that constantly monitor loads of parameters, allowing early identification of potential problems with your body. --- Incident: As i write this, an elderly guy says in a sitcom: "We got enough youth, we would need a fountain of intelligence." --- No detailed information on this topic available yet.

Fun and inspiring to listen at was Anthony Dunnes lecture, that included a summary of a project where he and his team used objetcs that react with electromagnetic fields, gave them away for a few month and looked at how peopled lived with them. I'll dig for more information on this, right now the RCA server is down.

Also: Alexander Gruensteidl presented the work and philosophy of IDEO as you can find it on their website.
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