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6385 days ago
"Alex Gopher has been an integral player in the underground French house scene since the early days, before international attention began to focus on the contemporary French music emanating from Paris.
While Alex copped his artistic surname from "The Loveboat," his musical cruise began in 1985 in the Paris suburb of Versailles when he was in a band with fellow beat visionaries Nicolas Godin, Jean-Benoit Dunckel, and Xavier Jamaux. This group was Orange and they were Versailles' indie darlings for six years. In 1991, Gopher teamed up with Godin to work on an early electronic project, but Godin decided to pursue a more pop sound with Dunckel, eventually forming Air.
On the Gopher EP, released in 1995, Gopher explored electronic samples and rhythms. It was a seminal recording for the nascent Parisian scene and was one of the first tracks to epitomize the downtempo funk groove that Paris has become renowned for through artists as diverse as Kid Loco, Mighty Bop, and Air . Gopher's next project was the debut release for his own label, Solid, which he formed with his longtime friends Etienne de Crecy (of Motorbass) and Pierre Michel Levallois (a promoter and Orange's tour manager). That same year, Gopher had one of his cuts included on the first Source Lab collection. This cut, "Mandrake," was a standout moment on the compilation with its languid breaks & dub atmosphere. London's left field DJs quickly latched onto the next release, the Est-ce Une Gopher Party EP.
In 1997, Gopher returned with Poumtchak No 2, an underground release on Poumtchak that was built upon jazzy house funky vibes. The following year, he released the mini remix album Gordini Mix. Friends and remixers included Mister Learn, Daphreephunkateers, Extra Lucid, Bang Bang, Etienne de Crecy, and Air.
The album You, My Baby and I merges P-funk strains, the chill atmosphere of Air, and dubby blues/jazz inspired grooves. V2 brings the Solid Disques new French sound home in fine style." from

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