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Friday, November 25, 2005
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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Sie will nicht mehr mit mir schlafen, solange ich nichts in mein Weblog schreibe.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
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Thursday, March 25, 2004
A cute 19-year-old says, "I need $100 to buy an iPod and I'm horny. Simple as that." ... Search for the word "iPod" on New York's craigslist classified ads and you open a window into the psyche of the city. Wired article and the mentioned Craigslist search.

Vor allem Joachim Funk kommt bei ihm schlecht weg. Getroffen habe er ihn nur einmal. Da begrü�te ihn Funk mit den Worten: "Sie haben ein deutsches Unternehmen ruiniert." ... Nach seiner Begegnung mit Funk habe er aber den ursprünglich geplanten Betrag von neun Millionen Mark auf sechs reduziert, als Zeichen der Missbilligung.

Aber ich resigniere vital. Ich versuche das Resignieren so zu gestalten, dass ich was davon habe. Gerhard Polt hat einen Traum, seit langem wieder ein guter.

New at Nokia: Lifeblog, PC and phone software combo;, The Nokia Semantic Web Server provides access to metadata describing products, documents, vocabularies, schemas, and other resources which is made available to Nokia customers and partners in a machine processable format.
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Sunday, March 7, 2004
Potential new claim for and freememes: Hacked twice since 2001.

'Dieter Bohlen stellt in seiner Rede klar, "dass er schon mit zehn Jahren nur Musik machen wollte". "Dann fang endlich an", schreit ein Zwischenrufer. Bohlen überhört und bedankt sich artig bei seinem "besten Buddy": Kai Dieckmann...' Ulf Lippitz im Spiegel und in der taz.

' Wir haben einen sensationellen technischen Durchbruch erzielt: In monatelanger Programmierroutine ist uns die Konstruktion des >>Trotzki 2000<< gelungen, ein Computerprogramm, in das Prominenten-Interviews eingegeben werden können, und das automatisch die dazugehörige möglichst linksradikale Position errechnet und auch artikuliert. Hier unser erstes Ergebnis'. monochrom's juengster Streich, via
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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
'Intellectually', Adorno and Benjamin will always escape the idea of becoming private property, and their works, even as the commodities they have become, have a peculiar tendency to vanish the very moment you try to get hold of them. An open letter, a clue which law firm you should never contract in Hamburg and the chance to donate so that the holder of the fantastic can stay out of prison and pay the absurd 'pirating' penalty (via BTW: Today is Grey Tuesday.

Sacre scientifique allemande: Le voil� le Dico Franco-Allemand (F�vrier). Enfin le grand moment est arriv� - le deuxi�me dictionnaire LEO voit le jour. Exactly a year ago this would have been handy, Cannes, ahm, pas de cartes des viste, transf�rer le fichier Illustrator par ISDN ou email...
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Monday, February 23, 2004
Ever evolving economy: A recent post on Crooked Timber sums up (comments) many interesting thoughts about the impact of services being industrialized: "Suddenly, after 50 odd years of dispensing aid and the omni-prescription of market-opening commitments, liberalisation, harmonisation, free flow of capital, government investment in education and training and all the rest of it, the worst has happened. It worked. (Albeit at great cost, in a limited way, and for the chosen few.)", and the sentence i like most: "Did we forget that the �developing� in developing countries is a verb, not just a description, and that one day it might actually happen?" The thought that when you put the ATM card of your local bank in the machine around the corner the transaction may be processed in India, while your limit is being determined in an irish industrial suburb. Or your next MRT scan being evaluated by a highly skilled slovakian neurologist. Not needing to invest much more than a low 7 digit figure to have Wipro develop a fancy mp3 player, while Flextronics builds it and UPS delivers. Slightly favouring more people in good unemployment conditions and at the same time multiplicating the living standard of many more. And the obvious question: What's next for 'our' developed economies, except the need for way better and broader education?

Gestern dann doch Sarah Wagenknecht statt Peter Zadek, bei beiden dasselbe denken: Komm, lass gut sein, ich mach uns einen Wein auf, entspann Dich, so schlimm ist das Alles nicht. Oder beide einfach hassen.
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Thursday, February 19, 2004
Fuchs: chris wrote a small Flash/Rebol application that compares search results and ranking of Google and Yahoo! search visually. BTW, we're still waiting for this Blogosphere Map Code/App to be released...
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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
"BEEP! "Hey, it's me. So, I'm leaving LA tomorrow... I'll pick you up in New Mexico by Tuesday... We have to be in New York by Saturday so... I'll see you soon!" click! Olivier "Twist" Gondry, Michel's brother and visual effects guy for a couple years, begins his quest into direction with a video that sets two guys careening across America in a vintage Chrysler convertible. RES's Sandy Hunter: "The video consists of digitally fast forwarded time lapse 16mm photography shot from a rig set up in the back seat. The entire seven-day journey, shot at one frame per second of driving (one frame per 10 seconds at night) is compressed into less than four minutes." The Gondry spirit shows through in Olivier's editing, synchronizing the song with the scenery and showing tidbits of humanity. We get to see each night's motel stay, a stop for a quick map-check, a car wash. The weather, always beautiful in time lapse, forges ahead throughout the journey. And a variety of landscapes whiz by: skyscrapers, towering bluffs, limitless sky, unending freeway, darkness, city lights."

Wireless Gigabit to the Desktop (aka wGTTD) and: �Search beyond Google: In 1999, you could have said that AltaVista had pretty much finished off the search market. In 1997, it was Inktomi. In 1995, it was Yahoo!. You never know in the search business when there�s somebody down the street who is going to make you look like yesterday�s news.� Technology Review article also detailing the Mooter search engine. Both via JAFT Journal.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
November 2003, Das Kleine Fernsehspiel, the ZDF broadcasted a documentary called Grow Or Go, following four young high-potentials from a private german ivy league university (Wiesbaden liebe SPD!) to their first employments at different global consulting agencies. And beside all the Assessment Centers, Boot Camps and sentences like "Du underperformest bei den Critical Issues noch ein wenig, aber wenn du hin und wieder mit ein paar Tassen Espresso jumpstartest kriegen wir das schon hin", cohorts filled with masters of common problem solving so to say, was this nice, warm and professional atmosphere surrounding the Monitor Group. Since then Joseph Fuller is one of my favourite business persons, founding a company that describes what it does like: "Throughout our history, we�ve been blessed with customers who not only found value in our services, but were committed to our success and growth. We benefited immensely from the patience and commitment demonstrated by our early, relationship clients and from the spirit and hard work of colleagues dedicated to building a firm which could offer both highly competitive services and a highly collegial work environment. Our proudest accomplishment remains our ability to attract and retain so many talented individuals, and our highest ongoing priority is sustaining an environment which will continue to attract a diverse pool of accomplished individuals." He also writes brilliant papers on Corporate Governance and Accountability, see So, why be public? for example, especially for rather seldom views on Sarbanes-Oxley, compensations, agency costs and other issues public companies (should) have to deal with. Who is a public company he would assumedly ask. And now this accrues: Bhaskar Chakravorti leads Monitor�s practice in advising clients on making choices in some of their riskiest and most complex strategic situations through the practical applications of game theory. One of the best evaluations why the Newton failed and the Palm succeeded and an intriguing book with a bit of a officious (sub)title. On the other hand, John Kay's The Truth About Markets has a bad title as well and is the best book on economy i've ever read.

Nice piece of clean flash work is the photofolio of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and it gets even better: A data bank, which contains more than 1000 photographs with their captions. Each photo can be downloaded as wallpapers for free. . Consisting of his different series, most notably French and Earth From Above which includes the arial shot of an icelandic lagoon you see on the left.

Do not visit the Infinite Wheel Dub Generator if you got something important to do within the next hour, you will not be able to complete it. Oldie, Goodie, my favourites are number 7 (window) and 8.
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Monday, February 16, 2004
Attired by the beauty of what can be summarized as semantic technologies. Or non-linearity. Texts read, films watched, business documents, myriads of more specific examples, they serve their intended purpose if you cosume them from the beginning to end. The space between synchronous realtime communication and traditional narratives is vibrating so much that two month ago i decided to stop all gainful application until my bank sends men in black suits or i get something working. And yes, it's strong. Hypertext, Hypermedia, Graphs, Blogosphere. Brilliant people that help myself to grow a bit and still remain incredibly tiny, you know who you are; the cross disciplinarity, no matter from with perspective you look at things, it leverages all the others; meetings with sociologists, linguists, developers, all on one day, soon all together; the feeling of being impressed by things happening, huge, much more than the usual small moment a day. Random selection of wonderful things that, when scribbled down, look like a mesh of loosely interconnected things:

Vanilla more than ever, combining weblogs with wikis and all the power behind it, the A4 print of the KVanilla source code hanging in Chris' office corridor will find it's place in a museum.

The 4 literates, 2 honorary: Vannevar Bush's As We May Think is one of the smartest documents for modern technology, and its nearly 60 years old. Ted Nelson and his Xanadu Vision, another early bird. Tim Berners-Lee, picking up Hypertext, making it and therefore the revolution real. Paul Ford of Ftrain, cutting edge technologies, using it so smooth and transparent for the user.

"the students are working with the Korsakow System, a program to create nonlinear, interactive projects. the Korsakow System was invented by florian thalhofer in 2000 for the making of the nonlinear documentary the [korsakow syndrome]. is being improved an developed by prof. willem velthoven and florian thalhofer with the help of the students and participants of the long term project interactive narration. This could easily be tweaked to create a video-wiki and thus a real nonlinear narrative video tool. Download, for Mac and Windows.

Tom Fürstner, asking him to write down a few sentences and getting gems like this: "On that basis emerges a preliminary Network Enterprise definition: The specific form, whose system of instruments is being constituted by the partial overlapping of autonomic systems of purposes."
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Sunday, February 15, 2004
The Ideenwerkstatt Neue Medien at BMW strikes again (press release, teilweise schmerzhaft), this time with some sort of Ich-AG Holding called avience, strongly associated with Visomat Inc.. Their self-conception says: "Analogue was yesterday, linear was yesterday. The acceleration has catapulted us to a motorway where electronic music and animated images speak a new language. The audiovisual lingua franca of the metropolises, laptops and clubs. It infracts with stringent narratives and cognitive routines." Obviously asking questions like "What do images sound like?" or "What color has music?" must bring together music from usual clicks & cuts suspects like Kit Clayton, Jan Jelinek and others for the sounds-like side, while Meso, D-Fuse and minuszero are some of the looks-like contributers. Nicely executed, mostly Max MSP works that hugely benefit from the high quality raw BMW X3 images. Download one of Minuszero's sequences in zipped Quicktime.

Staying oh so avantgarde: "Mediamatic Foundation was established in 1985 and was originally founded to act as a meeting place and forum for video artists and TV dissidents. The Foundation published Mediamatic Magazine, an international bilingual journal in Dutch and English about the cultural and artistic implications of new media. Mediamatic has been available on the WWW since 1993." Current site smartly applies low level semantics.

Designed in 1962 by Dieter Rams, the �Audio 1 Kompaktanlage� is a milestone of german post-war design. It embodies, even more than its predecessor, the famous �snow-white�s coffin�, the design ideals of the rationalist �Ulm School�. These sober paradigms of utility and matter-of-factness are playfully remodelled in the �ReBraun�: Two TFT-Displays take the place of the radio scales, the lettering on the anodised front plate ironically quotes the lingo of the radio era. A randomly positioned button, labelled �Zufall� (Randomness) stands for the freedom from mechanical constraints. The antenna does not receive any FM radio, but is used to connect the system to the internet via Wireless LAN. The case and acrylic hood were lowered by several centimetres for sporty reasons (think: hot rod!), and the window that formerly contained a signal strength readout now becomes a tabernacle for the old Braun nameplate." Bootleg Objects. Gadget-wise it can't get much better than a 1973 Beocenter with buttons like Anything, P2P, MP3 DVD and a multi-format card reader.
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Saturday, February 14, 2004
"At the same time, Jobs is said to be in active discussions with numerous parties, including cable operators, about putting together a rival bid of his own for Disney." Pixar tale, the 1987 Prix Ars Electronica, an Interview from 1990 with John Lasseter and a collection of Pixar's short films (including Luxo Jr.). His Employment Agreement in full-text: "'Directed by John Lasseter', which shall be the last card in the main titles or the first card of individual credits in the end titles, subject to industry wide collective bargaining agreements. Said credit shall be no less than 50% of the regular title and in a Size of type not less than the Size of type accorded to any other individual (other than the cast members) of the Picture or Past Picture."

"Asmara: Africa's Secret Modernist City is a building-by-building survey � illustrated with rare archival material and specially commissioned photographs � that tells the unique tale of one of the finest Modernist cities in the world."

"Reports and several top lawmakers suggested that Rybkin was on a drinking binge when he vanished." Russian presidential campaigns are just so much more fun than the american. Matt Drudge and the 'Kerry Scandal'. Kutters Kerry Skandal.
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Friday, February 13, 2004

Winter 2000, red hot economy: Weekend, Paris, Lancaster, Faubourg St. Honor�, Queens Club, her new Cadolle corset, MTV by the way and Demon vs. Heartbreaker's video (Quicktime or Windows Media) on heaviest rotation. Today kissing sometimes is accompanied by the a subliminal fear, maybe losing parts of myself, mostly the ones i don't need anyway but am not willing to give away, not to you, not now. Maybe it's time for a personal Fun-House revival.
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Thursday, February 12, 2004

"The first 80s revisited badges done in Polish. Of course, Poland is just getting out of 1989 so the word 'retro' is a stretch. What surprised me most about the 'I was raped by Polanski' was the number of boys who wanted it." by Kasia Korczak.

Be smart, Drive safe. Or you will miss NY-London by train, Diet Nutella, King Charles, Yoko Ono's death, the last Hotmail address, Boris W. Yeltsin, Grunge generation turning 40 something, the side effects of Viagra, Kellog's Choco-Tofu Puffs...

"Am Kopfende jedes Grabes steht ein mannshoher Schaukasten. In den Vitrinen eingeschlossen sind weichgezeichnete Fotos, auf Blumen gebettet. Sie zeigen flaumbärtige halbwüchsige Jungs; die meisten schauen, wie man so sagt, gefasst, als seien die Fotos zwischen Einberufung und Abmarsch aufgenommen worden. Ab und zu zwischen den Jungen ein Vollbärtiger: die höheren Ränge" Peter Kuemmel, Der Zensor und sein Gast. Theater mochte ich nie, aber die Geschichten, die er davon erzahlt, Saetze wie "Ins Leere lieben" oder "reicht Genie, oder braucht man auch Talent".

Let's do it the chinese way: " The Chinese government has already irked non-Chinese WiFi manufacturers by demanding that WiFi gear sold in China contain a Chinese-written encryption standard which can only be licensed through 20 or so Chinese companies, some of which the government has a large stake in." More. Also: German summary of the Mannesmann trial.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Viel zu spaet entdeckt: Der Anfang von Himmel und Erde hat keinen Namen von Heinz von Foerster bei Kadmos (Dirk Baecker Galore). Eigentlich kann man den Googlerank als direkten Indikator für die Qualität der hypertextuellen Strukturierung verwenden, wie das bei earl entdeckte Biblionetz zeigt. Immer oefter vor Amazon und Aehnlichem.

The moments when you realize that you grew older. That tonight someone who wasn't born when i first slept with someone will sleep with someone for the first time. And that knockdown blow when browsing the 4th & Broadway Catalog.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Sich Bilder ins Weblog haengen: Tanktop von Anatol Kotte, via Zeit Photogalerie

Introvertster is an online community that prevents stupid people and friends from harrassing you online. You can use Introvertster to: Avoid invites to chat, filter out annoying invitations for Meetup, birthday parties, or after-hours get togethers. Packet flood a friends Internet connection making it impossible for them to send you an instant message. Help your friends get a clue that you really don't like people or care for idle chit-chat.

Whereby it becomes clearer what some people in the Palais Schwarzenberg are laughing about: "It's not as big as the automotive industry, but it's certainly bigger than the tiddlywinks industry." In memoriam Sun Ra.
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Monday, February 9, 2004
Had to happen: Club Airways, spend your next Linate-London City flight on 20 square feet with people devoid of a nasal septum. "With Club Airways, you therefore gained 1 hour and 45 minutes and saved yourself a hike of at least 950 metres."

"Today, Pharrell and Reebok announce a long-term licensing partnership that includes a collection of men's and women's Rbk footwear coined "Ice Cream" and a men's apparel collection called "Billionaire's Boys Club". ... The "Billionaire's Boys Club" and "Ice Cream" collections will be created in collaboration with one of today's hottest global designers, Nigo."
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