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Roman and Williams
5243 days ago
Design team behind The Ace and The Standard hotels, photo tour of their wonderful office at

"Founded in 1999 by [create Robin Standefer] and [create Stephen Alesch], Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors is a comprehensive design firm based in New York City.

Having worked together for almost two decades, Standefer and Alesch together have forged a powerful and singular design philosophy - one based on an understanding and reverence for craft and tradition, combined with their highly personal, contemporary viewpoint. Quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, rigor and functionality distinguish their work. Unlike so much current architecture and design that is theory-based, their designs are always informed by an approach that prioritizes the total experience of the end user and results in the creation of environments that feel rich, resonant, and real.

Roman and Williams is the new embodiment of an old model for architectural design firms. Volume is not the goal and the process is comprehensive and design-intensive. Roman and Williams is extremely selective about the projects it accepts and the firm principals are involved in every design decision for every project. Drawing on this historic model, Roman and Williams' scope and capabilities include architecture, interior architecture, interior design and finishes, lighting, color selection, and more. The creation of a Roman and Williams' environment is an inclusive and fully considered process that embraces all aspects and phases of design.

Roman and Williams is currently working on a wide range of projects, including high-end residential projects, new buildings, several commercial spaces, hotels, nightclubs and several new product lines. The firm's project list includes the renovation of the iconic Royalton Hotel in New York City; the design of the spa and gymnasium at 40 Mercer Street and The Standard Hotel, The Standard Grilland The Standard Club, all in New York and all for hotelier [create Andre Balazs]; and the Ace Hotel New York, which includes The Breslin Restaurant and Stumptown Coffee Shop in its lobby.;. In addition, the firm just completed its first ground-up residential building at 211 Elizabeth Street in Manhattan's Nolita neighborhood and has recently finished the renovation of one of [create Frank Lloyd Wright]'s important Usonian Houses. Other current and completed projects include major residences in New York and Los Angeles, many for important Hollywood celebrities such as Ben and Christine Stiller, Kate Hudson, Gwenyth Paltrow, Elisabeth Shue and Davis Guggenheim, and more."

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