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"Monitor's roots can be traced back to the Harvard Business School, where a number of its founders studied and taught in the 1980s. Although primarily focused on strategy consulting, Monitor has always pursued a vision of offering a portfolio of services to customers, with an early focus on managerial and organizational development. We also committed to building a global firm, opening in Europe and Asia during our first five years and, on average, opening a new site every eight months since our founding. Our clients� needs caused us to expand our capabilities continuously. Building on a strong foundation in corporate and competitive strategy, we developed leading edge skills in marketing strategy, operations analysis, systems dynamics and corporate finance. Most recently, we�ve created units to exploit those core skills in the emerging domain of ecommerce.

In the early 1990s, we began our first merchant banking activities, raising and successfully investing our own principal equity fund and developing extensive relationships with a number of sophisticated investors. Our success caused us to expand those activities dramatically in recent years to encompass not only principal investing, but venture capital and advisory services. As our breadth of activities grew, we adopted our current structure, organizing ourselves in three over-arching business groups�the Action Group, the Merchant Banking Group and the Intelligent Products Group.

Throughout our history, we�ve been blessed with customers who not only found value in our services, but were committed to our success and growth. We benefited immensely from the patience and commitment demonstrated by our early, relationship clients and from the spirit and hard work of colleagues dedicated to building a firm which could offer both highly competitive services and a highly collegial work environment. Our proudest accomplishment remains our ability to attract and retain so many talented individuals, and our highest ongoing priority is sustaining an environment which will continue to attract a diverse pool of accomplished individuals."

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