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Foreign Objects
6775 days ago
"A sharply observed study of human frailties and obsessions, the series features a vibrant mix of short stories tied together by the character of George (Ken Finkleman), a documentary filmmaker with commercial tastes who must address more complex ideas.

The first episode, The Body, is a lyrical story about a middle-aged woman who loses the bottom half of her two-piece bathing suit while swimming at a seaside resort. Evil looks at "the banality evil" and the war in Kosovo. By positing the return of Christ in our media-fixated culture, Celebrity is a wry and outrageous look at our obsession with fame. Chaos and Order takes us from a present-day film party to medieval Japan where a classical Japanese fable unfolds. It describes the impossible co-existence of the Samurai code and the all-too human emotions of the characters who must live within its strictures. Disasters addresses our on-going fascination with catastrophes such as airplane crashes and shipping accidents, and the touching communion often wrought from such calamities. The final episode, The Award, is a comedic journey into the fears and neuroses of George, which unfold during a surreal tribute at an awards ceremony.

"There's a tremendous reward in reading good fiction; you may have to work at it but in the end you understand a little more about your relationship to the world," says Finkleman. "One of the objects of this series was to create something that requires the attention and imagination of the viewer."

Joining Ken Finkleman (The Newsroom, More Tears, Foolish Heart) is a cast of outstanding Canadian actors, including Colm Feore (Pearl Harbor, The Red Violin), Arsinée Khanjian (Felicia's Journey), Larissa Laskin (Foolish Heart, Peacekeepers), Karen Hines (The Drowsy Chaperone, Married Life) Kim Huffman (Traders), Rebecca Jenkins (Black Harbour) and Tom McCamus (Long Day's Journey Into Night)."
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