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"Hexstatic are Stuart Warren Hill and Robin Brunson, and together they have been vibing club-goers since '95 taking the VJ phenomenon to new levels and consistently breaking new ground in visual and audio visual entertainment.

Hexstatic released the UK's first completely audio visual album entitled 'Rewind' in August 2000 on CDCDROM. It features synchronised videos with every track and tools for remixing the videos. The Hexstatic 'Rewind' audiovisual show has been blowing minds in clubs and art galleries around the globe through 2000/2001.

They collaborated with Coldcut and Greenpeace for the Natural Rhythms Trilogy which included the award winning 'Timber'. Video clips with their sounds, mainly sampled from nature films, were chopped, overlaid and edited into rhythmic loops to form an intensely synchronised audiovisual piece which has dumbfounded those who have seen it. Released as a Coldcut Hexstatic single in February
1998, it featured on Coldcut's 1997 'Let us Play' lp. Hexstatic have remixed Timber 'hard wood mix' for the forthcoming CDROM.

Past work includes collaboration with David Byrne at Lisbon Expo '98. In 2000 Hexstatic work was shown in the newly opened Pompideau Centre Paris, The Getty Museum, Los Angeles. They've been travelling the Globe as part of the Sensurround Tour organised by The British Council promoting British audio visual music. They created visuals for the Channel Five launch party, 'Snatch' launch party, the Filmfour launch for Channel 4, the G-SHOCK- flag store launch party,Swatch Beat Launch in Taiwan and the mind blowing synchronised visuals for Coldcuts World tour.

Da Future: During May 2001 The Royal Festival Hall in London showed a poetry film they commisioned as part of the 50th aniversary of the hall. Stuart Worked with a group from Stockwell Park School and Hip-hop poet Skorpio the Nemesis and created a futuristic take on The Royal Festival Hall in years to come.

Television work includes onedottv on channel audio/visual title sequence for Channel 4s 'Vinyl Tap' and 'SWEN' (News backwards) video remixes for MTV USA, BBC's 'Tommorows World' and Japanese Manga series 'Cowboy bebop'.

Hexstatic started experimenting with video and other media at the first Big Chill in 95 and still today., and then went on to VJ at clubs such as Ninja Tune's Stealth, Kungfusion and the shortlived "yesmate" night at Mass, Brixton. They are regular contributors to Cinefeel, Kentra and Halloween Society audio visual film clubs,and have provided visuals for a number of UK clubs including Gatecrasher.

Digital arts and new media festivals include onedotzero, Resfest, London Film Umbrella, Portabello film festival, Ret> inevitable, Chicago arts fair, Cine feel, Imagina, Mirrorball, Vienna film festival.

HEXSTATIC, self proclaimed media whores are available to visualise and amplify your partay."

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