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6674 days ago
"Our Institute, one of the 26 institutes comprising the University research system, was established in 1976 for research in information and computer sciences. Now, the Institute is composed of 70 faculty members, 11 research assistants and secretaries, and about 200 graduate students. The research fund of the Institute amounted to 200 million yens (about 1.7 million dollars) for the 2000 fiscal year.
The faculty members conduct research in their own areas as well as undergraduate education at College of Information Sciences and College of International Studies of the Third Cluster. They also are responsible for the Doctoral Program in System and Information Engineering and Master's Program in Sciences and Engineering in the Graduate School.

The research and education fields of the Graduate School consist of theoretical foundations and the leading edge of applied technology in information sciences and electronics. Specific research fields include computer architecture, software science, information mathematics and modeling, media engineering, intelligent system, data and infology, system/control engineering, and electronics/communication system. The faculty members teach in Course of Information Sciences and Electronics of the Master's Program and Computer Science Major, Advanced Engineering Systems Major, and Risk Engineering Major of the Doctoral Program. "Cooperative Graduate School System" has been introduced to collaborate with national or corporation's research institutes in Tsukuba Science City. This system allows students to conduct their research in the research institutes including the latest facilities and functions.

Some of the faculty members of the Institutes are associated with three research centers and an educational center of the University: the Center for Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance, the Science Information Processing Center, the Center for Computational Physics, and the Educational Media Center. "

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