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Lupin III
7969 days ago
"Lupin III 1st adventure on comics (in japanese Lupin III it's read "Rupan sansei") appears for once in 10th August of 1967 on pages of weekly comics review "Weekly Manga Action" (publisher: Futabasha), the autour is Kazuhiko Kato, better known with stage-name of Monkey Punch. He creates the personage as probable descendant of famous Arsene Lupin, much known and admired in Japan. The comics, realized with a fresh and immediate design, is able to of a strong and fascinating expressiveness and of a marked grotesque rendering, it is destined, for images and for clear sex allusions, to an adult audience; the success is clamorours, but, it gets in large measure by high-school students."

"Lupin 3rd is biggest thief of all the times: descending of the French Ars�ne Lupin he does of all for maintain tall the credit of the grandfather. Tall, lank, impertinent and very cunning, Lupin is gifted also of big humor. Thank you to his astuteness and to his talent succeeds to bring to term the more sensational hits. His principal characteristic consists of the appear in a lightning for then disappear like a whisper. There is no "impossible" in his dictionary. On his traces there is always the Zenigata inspector- ICPO - whose only purpose of life is capture the Lupin gang. Lupin loves Fujiko Mines and all the beautiful women that he meets. He is blusterer and dicey, dawdler and indefatigable heartthrob, stupid in the free time as likewise able and professional in the moment of the action, he is a cocktail of human facets, a puzzle from the endless pieces. He is of an inexhaustible viable and optimist also in the moments great difficulty. "

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