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"When David Byrne applied for readmission to Rhode Island School of design he submitted a project: xerox copies of "etcha-sketch" maps of each of the fifty states. The admissions board took one look and said they were sorry, there was nothing more they could do for him. 'Maybe you should go to New York.' Two years later he is a star-singer for the Talking Heads, alongside former schoolmates Martina Weymouth (bass) and Chris Frantz (drummer). Success hasn't spoiled him: he now gets his inspiration from economics manuals and in his spare time enjoys filling out questionaires. Typed as the "Intellectuals" rockband, Talking Heads have am. Yearnings. In their rather incongruous quest for mass acceptable, words like " Stable", "sensible", "normal" fill their conversation, as if it was scarsdale, not a tenth floor loft with red acetate on
the windows. Its a particulary 70's state of mind: the rebels pendulum swing against excess."

"When David Byrne enrolled at the Rhode Island School of Design, he had no idea that this was the first step toward the future for the Talking Heads. It was there that he met Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth with whom he would co-found the band.

The three left RISD for New York City in 1974 where they would get their big break opening up for the original punk band, The Ramones, at the infamous club CBGB's. Three years later, in 1977, the Talking Heads were signed to Sire Records and released their first of many smash albums, Talking Heads '77. A year later, the band released More Songs About Buildings and Food their second album. Brian Eno produced More Songs and set it apart from what Talking Heads contemporaries were doing by combining acoustic instruments with electronic ones and throwing in a tinge of funk.

It wasn't really until the early '80s that the Talking Heads would talk the world by storm. The 1983 release of Speaking in Tongues introduced one of the most popular songs ever written by the group, "Burning Down The House." Then in 1984, the band starred in and released the album for Stop Making Sense, a rockumentary about the group. Once again, catching the pop music wave, the band captivated American audiences with "Little Creature," which produced the fun-loving "And She Was," and the adoring "Stay Up Late," a song most likely about Byrne's newborn nephew.

A pioneer of music, Byrne experimented with many sounds during his stint with the Talking Heads. He added electronic instruments, funk, world music and heavy African percussion to their style. Over the course of their nearly 12-year career, the Talking Heads recorded 10 albums, releasing such great songs as "Psycho Killer," "The Lady Don't Mind," and "Road to Nowhere."

The band was known as cutting-edge in the genre of new wave pop music. Byrne often controlled the scene with his wacky stage presence and geeky, nervous energy. In 1991, the Talking Heads officially announced their break up."

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