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The Globalist
6922 days ago
"Through a combination of first-rate storytelling, humor and cutting-edge analysis, our aim is to engage a much larger share of the public in a debate over the key issues of the emerging global community. We look at these issues from the ground up not from the top down.

We aim to present independent, up-to-date insights into key global trends in a non-ideological, non-partisan manner. We are neither advocates nor editorialists for any particular view, political persuasion or commercial interest.

The Globalist adheres to the highest standards of accuracy and journalistic excellence. We seek to reflect a range of opinions from a diverse, global community in timely daily features contributed by our own editorial team, outside contributors and informed readers.

Our editorial team is multilingual and multicultural with the aim of representing the broader world community. And our ever-growing team of contributors spans the globe. The Globalist's advisory board, currently being formed, will maintain editorial integrity and independence.

We work very hard to guarantee the accuracy of the content and proper operation of our site. However, we cannot be held accountable or liable for the improper use of our site or by those who rely on the site content. Our view is that you should use what you read here as starting points for independent discussion and conclusions.

As a reflection of the value of our thought-provoking contributions to the global debate over the years, The Globalist has established an impressive media track record. To date, our work has been published in about 60 publications in more than 40 countries around the world and key members of our editorial team routinely appear on radio and television broadcasts."
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