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Wednesday, June 6, 2001
There are specialists for everything: Corporate Citizenship or how can i make my company appear social responsible. Acting social and ethic is easier than pretending to do so. Either a lot of companys generally don't want to be sincere, or they forget how to be sincere. Otherwise there wouldn't be a need for consultants in this area.

The TV is running, ORF, and Anthony Quinn is dancing Sirtaki as Zorba The Greek. He'll keep dancing for a long time.

Nice art gallery on the net: SHOWstudio. Awesome (for those blessed with high bandwidth).

Daily FT abstract: ---The wireless debate by Sun Microsystems and Morse, available via phone now or here soon --- according to a new edict, russian scientists are obliged to report their contacts with foreigners. Naturally, this doesn't subserve international investment in the russian economy --- i-mode's 'secrets' of success confirmed by their executives here: "The package of content that we put together was the killer application that helped i-mode to take off.", they didn't mention control of the (financial) transactions and thus an advanced billing system, which i think is another key to the huge success of i-mode. Another quote: "It [WAP] is like worrying about the quality of television sets before you have any programmes." --- The futile war for talent: "If you hire the best people who think (or even know) they are the best, how likely are they to be willing to listen and learn? How likely are they to threat others not as 'smart' as they are with respect, as opposed to the contempt more often seen." says Jeffrey Pfeffer. More information at the Stanford Business School ("Fighting the war for Talent is Hazardous to Your Organisations Health") and McKinsey Quarterly.

NTT already provides information of the i-mode successor FOMA (3G).

Sorry for the massive Server problems, everything should be back in chaos order now. New postings soon.
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