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Saturday, July 14, 2001
For me, airplanes are very sophisticated machines. Obviously not for the two mechanics using a hammer and the full weight of their bodies to repair the front door of a Tyrolean CRJ this morning. They suceeded after 15 minutes. I hate flying and was sitting 2 meters next to this, watching them being sure, then perplexed, then tough and finally saying "That should work now". After all, it's still a great regional airline.

If you can't stand Viennas classic Boutique Hotels, try Das Triest: Great service as well as design by Sir Terence Conran and Peter Lorenz.
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  Comment by [create upuu], 5514 days ago:
Maybe it's just me, but most hotels in Vienna are just .. well. Also, i don't like kooky design mumbo-jumbo. Why pay a small fortune fora night in a small room - just to be surrounded by random artifacts you can't really stand anway-, if for the same amount of money you can get a completely furnished apartment - for days? However, it seems that in Vienna suites and short-time apartments have become more available for the non-backpacking traveller in the last years... Or you can get the best of both worlds: check in in a traditional Hotel (e.g.), but you can get a "Suite" where they leave you alone. That's at least what I do when I'm in Vienna.

Is anyone reading this blog anyway? :/
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