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Monday, February 4, 2002
The good old innocent austrian days:

In summer 1885 Theodor Herzl in his diary: "In Salzburg i had some of the finest hours of my life...". Wow. Yeah. What an opportunity for city marketing. They grasped it and set up a nice tablet with that quote. Cool.

An collective of artists is in major legal troubles now for completing what he wrote: "...i'd also loved to stay in this beautifull city, but as a jew, I never would have been promoted to the position of a judge." via Le Sofa (Love you! For putting words together in a way some pisser like me can't.).

Guess that Tyler Brule and the rest of the Wallpaper gang is pretty happy to have their own airline now. Hope that not even more swiss adopt their attitude.

On Topic: "After months of speculation, Time Inc has shelved plans for an upscale women's fashion magazine to be edited by Wallpaper founder Tyler Brule. The news shouldn't faze Brule, who is instead developing a new health and sportswear title for the company, code-named Tart. "It will be about the business of sport as much as sport as a pursuit," says Brule, who has also recently launched an advertising agency called Wink. "If, for example, there is a new fabric technology that will revolutionize the way shoes are made, we'll cover it." Sounds about as interesting as lawn bowls, but then who knew anyone would buy Wallpaper, a magazine about cellophane noodles and trips to Melbourne? Brule has also just announced plans to peddle his yuppie porn through a new Wallpaper website, to be launched next month. "The aim is to sell products which we feature in the magazine from all over the world, but tweaking them slightly, say, by making them a different color, so that they can only be bought through us." Push that envelope, Tyler. Newly-rehabilitated Puma has already signed a deal with the publication to produce a line of "tweaked" Wallpaper sneakers. No word on what wild-and-crazy color they'll be, but we look forward to completing the Wallpaper malnourished 19-year-old look with other co-branded items like a Coppertone fake-tan cream (say, in green), and Guerlain in-flight moisturizer in a bright puce. " Yeah, Hint.

Meme of the day: "Nearby all economists, from Marx to Joseph Stiglitz, agree that general labour policy is more about make the broad masses running away from misery than making them strive for satisfaction. Angst and poorness are the better driving factors." Via DCTP. The stick is more important than the carrot. Come on, even Britney knows that. Hit me baby on more time.
1 comments yet by royalrage.
  Comment by [create royalrage], 6018 days ago:
Hey you Schmock

I guess you're not Jewish but you know what it means. A little cynical ? Don't you have a single positive statement, at least about my Tyler? He's the explorer of a new, contemporary crowd of people: "The Cosmocrats" (says the Times). Taste, quality, culture, consumption, travel, luxury, rareness, uniqueness.... all these topics were covered in Wallpaper and what a pitty that good old Tyler left.
Yes, a creased towel can ruin your holidays and cellophane noodles may mean your life but the most distinctive characteristic of a Cosmocrat is that you would rather die than looking down to others.
Trainers, white sox and a Stuessy t-shirt don't belong to my definition of good taste but I don't blame Skaters for their existence, I simply don't care. By now my point should be clear: don't judge any cellophane pasta, fake-tan cream, Tyler or any other important invention that make life easier for a Cosmocrat. Otherwise I have to come over to talk Tachles to you!

In respect,

[email protected] free to reply, you Schlemil!
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