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Thursday, January 23, 2003
K7 Video streaming on Nokia 7650

How-To: Most Carriers GPRS implementations / Gateways do not offer the necessary bandwidth and latency, so you have to use a little trick to get the Real ONE player for the 7650 working with HSCSD. Setup and configure HSCSD, then create a bookmark pointing to or any other page directly linking to the desired video stream (ONLY real, rtsp streams work anyway) which uses HSCSD as 'Access Point'. Next select the link that points to the video and the Real player will start in the browser asking 'Disconnect Access Point?', as it wants to use GPRS instead of circuit switched data as bearer technology. Just say no and it should work fine then. Also make sure that your phones language is set to english as long as you use the english beta of Real ONE.

Gaudi versus Libeskind. Last minute contender for the WTC site, conceived around 1908, being seriously discussed at the moment.

Design-o-Rama:; Cooperating Systems' HelloWorld; slightly new IDEO website with much more detailed information (now i finally know that Rem Koolhaas' company is called OMA and has a pretty disturbing website, reload a few times to see the various backgrounds, maybe thats the reason is still comming soon, and fuck, missed the Furniture Fair in Cologne once again...). Special prize for, for, hmm, best structured content and line of arguments.

Presented by the American Dialectic Society: "walking pinata, a person subject to relentless criticism, most recently Trent Lott (25). Other candidates in the first vote: dialarhoea, inadvertent dialing of a cell phone in a pocket or handbag (8); 201 (k), a 401 (k) retirement account ruined by stock losses (8); apatheist, someone believing that God or gods exist but are not of any use (7)." Words of the year.

The A-Team turns 20 today. The The Mr. T Name Generator and

A-Team Theme (Kruder & Dorfmeister Crack Commando Unit Remix, little bastard)
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