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Friday, February 15, 2002
Comment bug is fixed. Just in case anyone tried.

Why Joerg Haider is bad for dummies.

X: No he isn't. He's doing a great job in Corinthia. Everything is bright and bullish. There are numbers to prove that.

Y: Wrong. A few, mostly irrelevant indicators, improved compared to the last year. Compare the numbers of today and his first day in office, and you'll notice that more turned worse than better, even in those years where a vast majority of the first world countries enjoyed a awesome party. His argueing like someone crashing a new and uninsured car in a three with 150mph, mysteriously getting out unhurt, and explaining that the ride was a pure success because he drove one of 28 turns better than last time and also managed to refuel 2.3% faster than on April 28th, 1982.

X: But he's bold, and doesn't mince matters. He says what he thinks is right, to everybody. Like to this Adamovich guy. He isn't something better just because he's the head of the constitutional court.

Y: I can say that Adamovich is a looser, a moron. Haider can't. Because he has responsibility. When i'd manage a project which substantially depends on the support of a partner and i think he's a jackass, i can't tell him. Because i'm responsible. For the people in the team, the client and all others involved. Just focus on the cooperation and save the rest.

X: But after all he's a good guy. He tries to stop the hustlin' between countries and help the poor, like he did in Irak.

Y: Don't think there is any problem in the world, which has been pondered by more than 10 people for 5 minutes and can be solved by Joerg Haider.

Not sure if the cab driver understood my opinion.

Nice: AFP. L'Agence France-Presse.
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  Comment by chris, 6680 days ago:
C'est le proof! ;-)
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