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Monday, April 29, 2002
Can't get any broader, hardly better: This years Montreux Jazz Festival programme (.pdf). Personal note: Bilal, Michael Franti's Spearhead (MP3 inside) and Common versus B. B. King and Isaac Hayes is this year's only tricky competition. one of many parallel perfomances. Kid in candy store.

Taking part in Gumball 3000 could be based on a load of different reasons. Not for Cintra Wilson, who sees another reason to hate the rich.

"We can only guess how many will die en route; how many daughters will be impregnated and hurled out of Bentley windows; how many empty Dom Perignon bottles will be flung with tittering derision at the jaws of befuddled state troopers, and how many Guns N' Roses-style hotel-room befoulings these millionaires will wreak on frightened and exhausted service personnel nationwide, who must clean up their dreadful and unsanitary messes for $6.50 an hour to provide milk and used blankets for their children."

The 'Brigitta' quotes are from the open forum, there's also a thread about the article. There are ignorant dadaists, wannabes, decadent lotharios, responsible altruists and many other shades present. Motives range from brainlessly spending cash, drive too fast and drink too much to having a hell of a ride. Also, many shades in between. I still don't hate the people who hate others because they're all the same. Free world, free to have fun, free to act stupid, free to criticize. I simply liked the Cannonball movies.
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