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Monday, August 26, 2002
Don't want to hook up with the recent 'Weblogs will change the whole media industry' rant, but these logs simply enable me to keep an eye on things in a way i hardly could before: World Summit on Sustainable Development or Live from Palestine (also Electronic Intifada). Lance Knobel is going strong at the moment.

Also agree with smi and Martin Roell: "Looking forward to see more Corporate Bloggers. Maybe they bring more interesting topics and insights with them. The more, the better. We'll filter the good stuff." I'd cancel the 'maybe'.

It's far away from corporate but i'll try to write more about my recently started work at How T-Systems Munich tells you that they can't make an offer (100.000 scale) if you aren't a client yet, because they're allocated solely by the Frankfurt Headquarters, which places people calling the Corporate Solutions line on hold for more than 4 x 5 minutes. How Spammers and other companies define SMS raffles as state of the art in Mobile Marketing.
4 comments yet by zpy, Bruno.
  Comment by zpy, 6487 days ago:
Looks like spielplatz could most certainly use your help with the copy on the English site. Norm breaking and true.
  Comment by Bruno, 6487 days ago:
Ooops, it's gone...
  Comment by zpy, 6486 days ago:
The flowers popping up in Area 51 are especially nifty.
  Comment by Bruno, 6486 days ago:
Fun, but a bit of a red rag...
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